My SKIN with MS

I want to preface this post by saying MS/any illness strips so much from you physically, mentally and emotionally that little things like bad skin which shouldn’t really upset us does. It is not a bad thing to want to feel good about yourself on the outside especially when 99.9% of the time our body is wreaking havoc on the inside.


Before being diagnosed with MS I think I spent my parents whole years’ salary on sourcing products to help my skin and then I turned 18 and it sort of worked itself out. Then I was diagnosed with MS and with all the medication especially when I had extra steroid treatment my skin suddenly was checked into an asylum and I didn’t know what personality it had from week to week. It obviously really upset me and still does because genetically my siblings and especially my mum have amazing skin but mine now has become thin, I have broken capillaries, I sport the best blue/black bags under my eyes which have their own post code and I definitely attribute the dreaded crows feet to all the crying I have done over the years. HOWEVER Gernetics has changed everything I once believed about skin care and it has supported me through every relapse. It sounds stupid but when you’re already feeling like shit you don’t want your skin looking like shit too. My beauty therapist introduced me to Gernetics and I haven’t looked back since. The thing I love about their products is that they are all natural and help to regenerate the skin and let it heal without having to go through any aggressive treatments like laser therapies. We know most people who have MS heal quite slowly because most our medications kill our good cells that help us heal.

I once did microdermabrasion which had worked amazing for my sister in law however on me it looked like I’d been skinned alive and it took weeks to heal. Anyone who is on heavy medication needs to be careful with how they treat their fragile skin. These products assist in speeding up the healing process for the skin and giving back life where our illness has made it dull; without any invasive poking and prodding.

Their products are a little pricey but the bottles/tubs can last anywhere between 6 months to a year. Also, every 6 months I get an intensive facial using Gernetics products. Although, the key I’ve found to good skin is always keeping it hydrated. So whether you use Gernetics or not find something that keeps your skin hydrated and mix that with drinking plenty of water every day.

The science behind this brand is so interesting if you want to learn more visit their website

For anyone dealing with any illness and worried about the effects it has had on their skin I would definitely recommend finding a well-researched, natural product to rejuvenate the skin before rushing into any invasive and aggressive treatments. There are so many on the market the trick is finding what works for you.

Until next time….

Rania xo

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